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1 An Exclusive MaxBox PC/TV

Items: Exclusive Rebate PC/TV Everything on TV Computers
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The MaxBox PC/TV Everything is on TV! Pricing starting at $300.00 To Turn Your PC (Windows or Linux Operating System), Internet, FREE movies, FREE television programming, so much more on you TV. Everything is on TV! No more cable or satellite bills. Our exclusive up to 100% Rebate plans can make it free! MaxBox PC/TV. The up to 100% plan is based on future sales. Call for custom build Windows or Linux Operating system. PLEASE BE ADVISED SINCE THERE ARE VARIOUS REVISIONS OF OUR TECHNOLOGIES AND CUSTOM BUILT ORDERS DEVICES WILL NOT ALWAYS LOOK LIKE THE PICTURES DEPENDING ON SPECIFICATIONS. PLEASE CALL 386.627.1591 SKU5475686 $300.00 Purchase
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