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Items: SOS 1000 GPS real-time tracking and monitoring device in-car GPS real-time traffic monitoring/security Freight Traffic Service
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SOS 1000 GPS Fleet Management Tracking Device The SOS 1000 offers two solutions for fleet management tracking, hardwire install for tractors and other transportation methods. The hardwire install is set up for a full-time power source from directly from the operating vehicle. The wireless install is designed with a three-year battery life to monitor and control locations of inventory/assets {referred to as SKY SHEPPARD}. Both of these devices come with separate monitoring programs. The SOS 1000 hardwire install has a monitoring program $49 per month with $49 activation fee. 12 month, 24 months, and 36 month contracts with unlimited use. The Sky Sheppard comes with $29 per month monitoring fee, $49 activation, and a three-year contract. Sky Sheppards battery can be replaced as required SKU8611530 $499.00 Purchase
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